Lee who?

Hiya everyone.

I’m the Lee that this blog is titled after. I’m sure there are lots of Lees in the world, but this blog is about this particular Lee aka Me aka I don’t know why I’m doing this.

I mean it. I honestly don’t know why I’ve started this blog. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s something that I’ve tried to do in the past, with absolutely no degree of success (“One person viewed my blog overnight? ONE person, you say?! Well I’m just going to quit right now.”)… so I guess it’s something to do with that. Rejection. What if people don’t read it? Or, worse still, what if people DO read it and they think what I write is a load of crap?

Well, maybe what I write is a load of crap, and maybe people won’t read it/wish they hadn’t if they do, but I think I need to stop making out like this blog is for anybody other than myself. For me to write things down and document my life, because I feel like it’s pretty exciting right now – or certain parts of it at least. And if somebody reads it and they like it, then hey, that’s a bonus (“Oh my god, one person viewed my blog overnight… I am so blessed and forever in this person’s debt for daring to take a look at my ramblings.”)

So, without further ado, I’m going to provide some introductions to my life, and the stuff/people that you’ll need to know about if you’re gonna stick around.


That’s me on the left. I know, I look snazzy. And on the left is my hubby-to-be, Tom. He looks sort of snazzy too, I guess. This photo was taken on holiday in Gran Canaria this year, which is gonna be a whole other blog post (or perhaps several… I feel like it would make a good anthology, or possibly a Netflix series).

Until then, some facts about me: I’m Lee. I’m 24. I’m Welsh. My favourite things include reading, writing, travelling (lots of it), going out and about, and getting up to general weird stuff. I have an affinity for potted cacti, and have 5 gloriously prickly ones of my own. Their names are Pablo, Esteban, Gloria, Koochi and Pip. You’d do well to remember those. I like tattoos, big cities, cute little towns, coffee shops, book shops, animals, food and pretending that I’m not really an adult yet, and which I will continue to do for the foreseeable future.

Now some things about Tom: he’s ginger, but that totally doesn’t define him, ok? He’s an avid traveller, rugby-player, cuddly wild child. He’s an expert twerker, has an eye for interior design, has played pretty much every Pokemon game in existence, and always lets me eat the gherkins from his McDonald’s burgers because he’s cute like that.

Oh, and we’re both Hufflepuffs.

We also have a furbaby that I will probably mention a lot, because I love him as though I birthed him into this world myself (soz for the mental image). His name is Buzz, and he’s a half-pug. Here’s a picture of him when he was a pupper:


Interesting fact about Buzz: if you google search patterpug (Buzz’s breed), this is one of the first photos to come up. That’s because this photo of Buzz once had something like 80,000 likes on Instagram and has been featured in a book of cute dog photos. My dog has probably had more views than this blog ever will, which is either pretty cool or quite depressing, depending on which angle you’re looking at it. And yep, that’s my hand. I have considered a career in hand-modelling, yes.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now. First posts are the worst. They’re awkward and jittery, just like when you meet somebody for the first time. Maybe blogging is something you have to get used to, like when you meet a new person… you have to keep at it, hacking away at the ice until BOOM! You can act weird and say ridiculous things to each other.

Hopefully it won’t be long before I start acting weird and saying ridiculous things.

Until then, um, bye and stuff.





18 thoughts on “Lee who?

    • Ahh thank you so much! That means a lot πŸ™‚ Oh yeah, I forgot that my face on my Wattpad profile pic is painted… there will probably be lots more pictures and stuff to come!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m so happy you started a blog! I just know it’s going to be fantastic! I’m now stalking your Instagram! Lol! You have a new fan! πŸ˜‚

        Liked by 1 person

      • It already has! Tom loves you so much! I remember when you told me your proposal story! Now I actually got to see a photo!!! OH MY GOSH! 😱 He really loves you! Its so cute! You guys are #relationshipgoals

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ooohhh did I? Was that on Wattpad or Tumblr? So many people have asked me about it! And thank you so much, I’m very lucky!


      • Wattpad. Lol. It was a long time ago. Just like you I kinda fell off the Wattpad radar. I’m just lucky I got an email from Wattpad about your post on there! I had to come read your blog post immediately! I can already tell there are going to be some really interesting stories on here! You have the kinda glint in your eye. Hmm…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ahaha! How can you know me so well already? I’d be lying if I said there weren’t a few interesting stories. Stay tuned! πŸ˜›

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lol. I always loved your long messages! You were one of the best people on Wattpad! You give the best advice too. I’d actually like to chat about uni with you! I’m starting uni next year! I’m so excited!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Omg, awesome! Drop me a message on something! Can you do that on here? Always happy to chat πŸ™‚ And awhh thank you. Now stop before I blush or show my feelings or something, haha!


  1. Hehehe~ Yes, blogging is definitely something new bloggers have to get used to, but I’m sure people will love Lee-Who because the way you wrote this post brought a smile to my face (so I guess everyone is smiling while reading your words). I had the same experience you did, thinking “well, nobody’s reading my posts so why should I bother?”, but I ended up continuing writing it just to keep myself happy doing it. I cannot wait to see how you’re gonna feed your blog!
    PS: “That’s me on the left. I know, I look snazzy. And on the left is my hubby-to-be, Tom.” -> This made me laugh even if it wasn’t intended that way! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hay, great first post. You have to start somewhere, your views will slowly grow, it just takes a lot of work. I’m still working at it too and i’ve been blogging for over a year. I absolutly love your puppy, he’s adorable, I want to squeeze him! πŸ™‚


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