My name is Lee, I’m a 24-year-old guy from Wales, with an inglorious Welsh accent to boot. If we met face to face, you probably wouldn’t understand a word I’d say. You’d either ask me to slow down, say “Pardon?” at least 3 times, or just do that thing where you smile and nod and hope that you’re doing it in the right parts.

But that’s okay, I forgive you in advance.

I live in a small town called Llanelli with my hubby-to-be, Tom, and our dog, Buzz. He’s a demon the same colour and shape as a loaf of Hovis. But don’t let that deceive you.

I have a degree in English with Creative Writing, which I guess means I like reading and writing. Okay scratch that, I LOVE reading and writing. I’ve written two Young Adult books, and I’m really hoping that one day I will be a full-time writer and get to travel the world on glamorous book tours and smash typewriters and set them on fire like I’m sure all the rock star authors do. In reality, I’ll probably just end up sitting at home in my pyjamas, eating Jaffa cakes and pretending to write books.

Sounds good though, right?

Anyway, this blog is about my life and all the weird stuff I get up to with my partner. I realise that this sounds dodgy (you pervert), but I can assure you I don’t mean in that way. I mean ADVENTURES and RANDOM OUTINGS. Because, in retrospect, I realised quite recently that we do a lot of this sort of thing, and that our lives together are pretty wonderful.

So if you want to find out even more about me, stick around. Make a cup of tea. Grab something to eat. Read my blog 🙂